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Exclusive: Uncle Jed moments after their win7884eff1-ba99-447d-8e65-24db503aa157 Uncle Jed excited to share original musicbc12265e-fee0-4706-86b1-1461150dbc11 Uncle Jed win Australia's Got Talent 201378c26ac9-f89c-479b-b6e3-13e3a76156df Miles Elkington & Reuben Koops duet with “Cooler Than Me”f4115e63-15cc-4872-844d-2ad0ca0a7900 Uncle Jed perform Brother for the Live Decider78c17650-a0ff-4884-ad64-3ea549b6edee Greg Gould & The Chase perform James Arthur track0ba5f9ab-1052-4347-98a1-ef61317b3758 Acro Acts collaborate for a bendy bonanza4b21d0c5-08b8-47fa-bae6-dd90eecd7005 Geri Halliwell performs Spice Girl hit888d0d07-a91f-45a1-ba01-3bf0804bd570
THE LATEST UNCLE JED ARE CROWNED WINNERSUncle Jed win Australia's Got Talent for 2013! Relive the moment they won! Finalists join forces!Our Grand Finalists kick off the Live Decider with an all-singing, all-dancing group performance of Jackson 5's "Can You Feel It"
Dawn French Timomatic Geri Halliwell Kyle Sandilands
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